Boat 2 (port) Edit

The lowering of Boat 2, the second of the two cutters, was overseen by Wilde and Smith at about 1:45 am.[1] When Lightoller moved to the boat to get it ready for loading, he found that it was already filled with a large group of male passengers and crewmen. He ordered them out of the boat at gunpoint, telling them: "Get out of there, you damned cowards! I'd like to see every one of you overboard!" The men fled, but had no way of knowing that his gun was not loaded.[2] Even at this late stage some boats were leaving with plenty of space aboard; Boat 2 appears to have been lowered with only 17 people aboard, out of a capacity of 40.[1] The occupants were principally women, plus one male Third Class passenger.[3] Fourth Officer Boxhall was given charge of the boat.[1]

When Titanic sank at 2:20 am, Boxhall suggested to the occupants that they should go back to pick people up from the water. However, they refused outright. Boxhall found this puzzling, as only a short time before the women had pleaded with Smith for their husbands to be allowed to accompany them, yet now they did not want to go back to save them.[4] The boat was the first to reach Carpathia, at 4:10 am.[5]

Survivors Lifeboat 2Edit

NameAgeClass/DeptTicket Fare Group Ship Joined Job Boat Body
ALLEN, Miss Elisabeth Walton29 1st Class24160 £211 6s 9d Southampton 2
BOXHALL, Mr Joseph Groves28Deck Belfast4th. Officer 2
CORNELL, Mrs Malvina Helen55 1st Class 11770 £25 14s 10dSouthampton 2
COUTTS, Mrs Winnie "Minnie"36 3rd Class37671 £15 18s Southampton 2
COUTTS, Master William Loch "Willie"9 3rd Class 37671 £15 18s Southampton 2
COUTTS, Master Neville Leslie3 3rd Class 37671£15 18s Southampton 2
DOUGLAS, Mrs Mahala48 1st Class 17761£106 8s 6d Cherbourg 2
ELLIS, Mr John Bertram30 Victualling Southampton Assistant Vegetable Cook 2
JOHNSTON, Mr James41 Victualling Belfast Saloon Steward 2
KINK, Mr Anton29 3rd Class 315153 £22 6d Southampton 2
KINK-HEILMANN, Mrs Luise26 3rd Class 315153 £22 6d Southampton 2
KINK-HEILMANN, Miss Luise Gretchen43rd Class 315153 £22 6d Southampton 2
KREUCHEN, Miss Emilie29 1st Class24160£211 6s 9d Servant Southampton Personal Maid 2
LEROY, Miss Berthe27 1st Class17761 £106 8s 6d Servant Cherbourg Personal Maid 2
MADILL, Miss Georgette Alexandra16 1st Class 24160 £211 6s 9d Southampton 2
OSMAN, Mr Frank28 Deck Southampton Able Seaman 2
ROBERT, Mrs Elisabeth Walton43 1st Class 24160£211 6s 9d SouthamptonOf Independent Means 2

Notes Edit

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