Boat 14 (port) Edit

About 40 people were aboard boat 14, with Wilde, Lightoller and Lowe supervising its launch.[1] By the time it was launched at about 1:25 am, Titanic was well down in the water and some passengers still aboard were beginning to panic. Lowe fired three shots from his revolver to warn off a crowd of passengers pressing up against the rails.[2] As the boat was lowered, a young man climbed over the rails and tried to hide under the seats. Lowe ordered him to leave at gunpoint, first threatening to "blow your brains out", then appealing to him to "be a man – we've got women and children to save." The passenger returned to the deck where he was left lying face-down to await his fate. Another male passenger, Daniel Buckley, managed to get into Boat 14 by concealing himself under a women's shawl.[3]

The boat reached the water safely, with Lowe himself aboard to take charge. After Titanic sank he brought together Boats 10, 12, 14 and Collapsible D, transferred many of those aboard Boat 14 to the other lifeboats and took the boat back to the scene of the sinking to try to find survivors. This was the only rescue bid mounted that night,[2] and it came too late. By the time Lowe's boat reached the scene of the sinking, the sea was filled with the bodies of hundreds of people who had died of hypothermia. A few individuals were pulled from the sea but most were already dead or dying.[4] Only three of those picked up from the sea survived.[1]

A few hours later Lowe rescued the survivors aboard Collapsible A, which was close to sinking, and brought them aboard Boat 14.[5] The boat rendezvoused with Carpathia at about 7:15 am.[6]

Notes Edit

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