Boat 12 (port) Edit

Lightoller and Wilde lowered boat 12 at 1:30 am with about 42 people aboard. It was first manned only by Able-Bodied Seaman Frederick Clench and was subsequently put in the charge of Able Seaman John Poigndestre. A male passenger jumped into the boat as it was lowered past B Deck. Difficulty was encountered in unhooking the boat from the falls, requiring Poigndestre to use a knife to cut through the ropes. Several passengers from other boats were transferred into boat 12 after the sinking and it was heavily overloaded by the time it reached Carpathia with at least 69 people aboard.[1][2] It was the last lifeboat to be picked up by Carpathia, at about 8:15 am.[3]

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