Boat 10 (port) Edit

Boat 10 was launched at about 1:50 am under Murdoch's supervision with Able-Bodied Seaman Edward Buley in charge. It appears to have had about 57 people aboard, when it was launched.[1] By this time Titanic was listing to port, making it increasingly difficult to launch lifeboats from that side of the ship, as the ship's list had created a gap of about 3 feet (0.91 m) between the deck and the sides of the port-side lifeboats. An attempt to board by a young French woman nearly ended in disaster when her jump into the lifeboat fell short and she dropped into the gap. She caught the gunwale of the lifeboat while her feet found the railings on the deck below, and she was pulled back on board the ship. She made it into the lifeboat safely on her second attempt. Titanic was clearly not far from sinking and this realisation led to an increased urgency to load the lifeboat; children were rushed aboard, one baby literally being thrown in and caught by a woman passenger. A male passenger, whom Lowe later described as a "crazed Italian", rushed to the rail as the boat was being lowered and jumped in. This male passenger may have been an Armenian from third class.[2] Two of those aboard were later transferred to another lifeboat, and it had 55 aboard when it met Carpathia a few hours later.[1] It was the second last lifeboat to be picked up, at 8:00 am.[3]

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