Template:Use British English This is a list of crew aboard the RMS Titanic on her disastrous maiden voyage, which ended on 15 April 1912 when she sank after colliding with an iceberg.[1] A name in italics denotes a person who was saved. A person generally referred to by a nickname or middle name is in quotes, while an alias is listed in parentheses.

Coding of survivors and victimsEdit

Each survivor is designated with a lifeboat number/letter. Survivors were rescued from the lifeboats by the RMS Carpathia. Of the 711 passengers and crew rescued from the RMS Titanic, one passenger died in a lifeboat during the night, and another five died on board the Carpathia and were buried at sea. Several ships sailed to the disaster area to recover victims' bodies. Numbers 324 and 325 were unused, and the six passengers buried at sea by the Carpathia also went unnumbered.[2] The three bodies recovered by the RMS Oceanic, numbers 331, 332 and 333, were occupants of Collapsible A, which was swamped in the last moments of the sinking. Several people managed to reach the boat, although some died during the night. When Fifth Officer Harold Lowe rescued the survivors of Collapsible A, he left three bodies in the boat: Thomas Beattie, a first-class passenger, and two crew members, a fireman and a seaman. Collapsible A, with the three bodies still inside, was discovered over 200 miles from the site of the sinking by the Oceanic about a month later.[3]

Superscript letters, next to the body number, indicate the recovery vessel that picked up the body.

  • MB – CS Mackay-Bennett (bodies 1–306)
  • M – CS Minia (bodies 307–323)
  • MM – CGS Montmagny (bodies 326–329)
  • A – SS Algerine (body 330)
  • O – RMS Oceanic (bodies 331–333)
  • I – SS Ilford (body 334)
  • OT – SS Ottowa (body 335)

Upon recovery, the bodies of 209 identified and unidentified victims of the sinking were brought back to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Of those, 59 were repatriated, 121 were taken to the non-denominational Fairview Lawn Cemetery; 19 were buried in the Roman Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery, and ten were taken to the Jewish Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. The bodies of the remaining recovered victims were either delivered to family members or buried at sea.

     The crew member perished
     The crew member survived

It should be noted that the "Hometown" field may be misleading. Many crew had secondary or temporary addresses in Southampton, which they gave when signing the crew list, and others may have only recently relocated there. In particular, the number of crew from Merseyside is understated. For example, Chief Engineer Joseph Bell and Chief Steward Andrew Latimer lived with their families in the Liverpool area. Dr. Alan Scarth in his book Titanic and Liverpool identifies 115 crew members with close connections to the city, of whom only 28 survived.

Ship's officersEdit

Smith, Commander Edward John, RNR (Retd)62Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, EnglandSouthamptonCaptain----
Wilde, Lieutenant Henry Tingle, RNR39Walton, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonChief Officer----
Murdoch, Lieutenant William McMaster, RNR39Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire, ScotlandBelfastFirst Officer----
Lightoller, Sub-Lieutenant Charles Herbert, RNR38Netley, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSecond OfficerB--
Pitman, Mr. Herbert John34Castle Cary, Somerset, EnglandBelfastThird Officer5--
Boxhall, Sub-Lieutenant Joseph Groves, RNR28Hull, Yorkshire, EnglandBelfastFourth Officer2--
Lowe, Sub-Lieutenant Harold Godfrey, RNR29Barmouth, Merionethshire, WalesBelfastFifth Officer14--
Moody, Mr. James Paul24Grimsby, Lincolnshire, EnglandBelfastSixth Officer----

Deck crewEdit

The Titanic employed one Able Officer, also known as a Bosun or Boatswain, who had seniority over all the un-licensed deck crew. They helped Thomas Andrews in his daily inspections around the ship. They also had worked for the White Star Line for many years. The Able Officer also did most of the same things that the Able Bodied Seamen did.

The Titanic also employed 29 Able Bodied Seamen (ABS), who had gone through additional training and usually had seniority over other crew members. They carried out the day-to-day operation of the ship. Furthermore they were trained to operate the lifeboat davits and man the lifeboats themselves. Each ABS was assigned to a lifeboat and would be in charge of that boat if there was no officer present. About eight seamen were lost when they went below decks to open the E Deck gangway when they were apparently trapped below and nearly all of the others departed in the first lifeboats to be launched. As a result, the later lifeboats had a shortage of trained seamen to man them. So instead, a few stokers and even victualling stewards (some of which had no experience with lifeboats) were ordered to man the launching and rowing of the boats.

The Titanic also employed two Boatswain Mates. They were experienced seamen that managed the deck lines, deck cranes, winches, lifeboard davits, etc. on the deck.

The Titanic had two Master-at-Arms. They and the Chief Officer had the only keys to the firearms cabinet.

Seven quartermasters were employed on the Titanic (all of whom survived). They were highly trained seamen who worked on and around the bridge to steer the ship (helmsman), manage signal flags and to stand watch on the bridge to assist the Duty Officer with general navigation.

Six lookouts were employed on the Titanic (all of whom survived). They were able bodied seamen who worked two to a shift in the crow's nest, working shifts of only two hours at a time because of extremely cold winds which they were exposed to in the open crow's nest. The lookouts were normally supplied with binoculars to aid them in seeing over long distances, but on the maiden voyage they were unavailable due to being locked away; the key necessary to retrieve them was not on board. With the air temperature at 28 °F (Template:Convert/LoffT), and a 20-mile-per-hour headwind, it is a matter of speculation as to how reliable the binoculars would have been if they had been available.[4]

Anderson, Mr. James40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble seaman16--
Anderson, Mr. John41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble seaman16--
Archer, Mr. Ernest Edward36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman3--
Bailey, Mr. Joseph Henry43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMaster-at-arms16--
Bradley, Mr. T.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman----
Brice, Mr. Walter T.42Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman11--
Bright, Mr. Arthur John41Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonQuartermaster10--
Buley, Mr. Edward John27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman10--
Clench, Mr. Frederick34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman12--
Callahan, Mr. James31Pittsfield, Massachusetts, United StatesIrelandAble Officer----
Couch, Mr. Frank28Port Isaac, CornwallSouthamptonAble Seaman--253MB
Davis, Mr. Stephen James39Landport, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman----
Evans, Mr. Alfred Frank24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLookout15--
Evans, Mr. Frank Oliver24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman10--
Fleet, Mr. Frederick24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastLookout6--
Foley, Mr. John44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastStorekeeper4--
Forward, Mr. James27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman16--
Haines, Mr. Albert M.31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBoatswain9--
Harder, Mr. William39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonWindow cleaner14--
Hemming, Mr. Samuel Ernest43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastLamp trimmer4--
Hichens, Mr. Robert29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonQuartermaster6--
Hogg, Mr. George Alfred29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastLookout7--
Holman, Mr. Harry27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAble Seaman7--
Hopkins, Mr. Robert John40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman13--
Horswill, Mr. Albert Edward James33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman1--
Humphreys, Mr. Sidney James48Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonQuartermaster11--
Hutchinson, Mr. John Hall26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastCarpenter/Joiner--170MB
Jewell, Mr. Archie23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastLookout7--
Jones, Mr. Thomas William32Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman8--
King, Mr. Thomas W.43Portsmouth, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMaster-at-arms----
Lee, Mr. Reginald Robinson41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLookout13--
Lucas, Mr. William A.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble SeamanD--
Lyons, Mr. William Henry[5]26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman4--
Matherson, Mr. David30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman--192MB
Mathais, Mr. Montague Vincent27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMess Steward----
Maxwell, Mr. John31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastCarpenter/Joiner----
McCarthy, Mr. William47Cork, County Cork, IrelandSouthamptonAble Seaman4--
McGough, Mr. James R.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman9--
Moore, Mr. George Alfred32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble SeamanD--
Nichols, Mr. Alfred42Shirley, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBoatswain----
O'Loughlin, Dr. William Francis Norman62Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSurgeon----
Olliver, Mr. Alfred27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastQuartermaster5--
Osman, Mr. Frank28Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman2--
Pascoe, Mr. Charles H.43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman8--
Perkis, Mr. Walter John37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastQuartermaster4--
Peters, Mr. William Chapman26Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman9--
Poingdestre, Mr. John Thomas33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman12--
Rowe, Mr. George Thomas32Gosport, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastQuartermasterC--
Sawyer, Mr. Robert James30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonWindow cleaner----
Scarrott, Mr. Joseph George33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman14--
Simpson, Dr. John Edward37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Surgeon----
Smith, Mr. William26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman----
Symons, Mr. George Thomas Macdonald24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLookout1--
Tamlyn, Mr. Frederick23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMess Steward--123MB
Taylor, Mr. C.35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman----
Terrell, Mr. Bertram20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman----
Thorley, Mr. Jonathon15Brighton, Sussex, EnglandSouthamptonLamp Trimmer13--
Vigott, Mr. Philip Francis32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman13--
Weller, Mr. William Clifford30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAble Seaman7--
Wynn, Mr. Walter41Shirley, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastQuartermaster9--

Engineering crewEdit

The engineers were responsible for keeping the engines, generators, and other mechanical equipment on the Titanic running. They were the highest paid of the crew and had the education and technical expertise to operate, maintain, and repair the engineering plant. All 25 engineers as well as the 10 electricians and boilermakers were lost for most (if not all) of them remained below decks in the engine and boiler rooms fighting a losing battle to keep the ship afloat by operating the pumps in the forward compartments as well as keeping the steam up in the boiler rooms and kept the generators running to maintain power and lights throughout the Titanic up until two minutes before the ship sank. It is speculated that their actions delayed the sinking for over an hour and helped keep the ship afloat for nearly all the lifeboats to be launched.Template:Citation needed

Shortly after leaving Southampton, a fire was discovered in the coal bunker of No 6 Boiler Room. For a number of days, coal trimmers were detailed to trace the source of the fire and extinguish it.

On the night of 14 April, the Second Engineering Officer, James (John) Hesketh – the senior engineer on duty, and Leading Fireman Fred Barrett were in No 6 Boiler inspecting the coal bunker and confirming the fire was out when the Titanic struck the iceberg at 11.40 pm. It ripped this part of the ship and the pair escaped through the connecting tunnel to No 5 Boiler Room, closing the bulkhead doors.

Barrett later gave evidence at the Southampton Enquiry.

There were 13 leading firemen (Stoker Foremen) and 163 firemen (Stokers) assigned to the Titanic. The ship had 29 boilers, each containing three furnaces for a total of 159 furnaces. Each fireman was assigned one boiler and three furnaces. Of the Titanic's six boiler rooms, each leading fireman was assigned to two of them with 10 to 15 firemen under him. Next to each boiler was a coal chute that deposited coal from the overhead coal bunkers, and a fireman with a shovel would constantly feed coal into the three furnaces. Shifts for all the firemen and their foremen were four hours on and eight hours off. The heat in the boiler rooms usually exceeded 120 °F (Template:Convert/LoffT), so a four-hour shift was very demanding. Most of the firemen worked wearing only their undershirts and shorts. Of the firemen, only three leading firemen and around 45 other firemen survived. Several of the firemen that survived got into the lifeboats dressed only in their undershirts and shorts in 28 °F (Template:Convert/LoffT) weather.[4]

There were 73 trimmers, or coal trimmers, on the Titanic, and around 20 survived. Of the engineering crew, the trimmers were paid the least and had probably the worst job of the crew. The trimmers worked inside the coal bunkers located on top of and between the boilers. The trimmers used shovels and wheelbarrows to move coal around the bunker to keep the coal level, and to shovel the coal down the coal chute to the firemen below to shovel it into the furnaces. If too much coal built up on one side of a coal bunker, the ship would actually list to that side. All the residual heat from the boilers rose up into the coal bunkers, and inside, the bunkers were poorly lighted, full of coal dust, and extreme heat from the boilers.[4]

There were 33 men employed as greasers. They worked in the turbine and reciprocating engine rooms alongside the engineers and they were responsible for maintaining and supplying oil and lubricants for all the mechanical equipment. Only four of them survived.[4]

Also of note, six men were employed as mess hall stewards in the crew's kitchen to cook and serve food for the crew; four to serve the engineering crew, two to serve the deck crew. Just one steward from engineering survived.

A memorial to the 244 engineers, firemen, trimmers, and greasers who lost their lives during the sinking of the Titanic is located in the ships port of registry, Liverpool. It is named the Memorial to the Engine Room Heroes of the Titanic. There is also a memorial to the Titanic Engineers in Southampton, from where many of the crew members came.

Abrams, Mr. William33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Adams, Mr. R.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Allen, Mr. Henry32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--145MB
Allen, Mr. Ernest Frederick24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerB--
Allsop, Mr. Alfred Samuel34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastElectrician----
Avery, Mr. James Frank22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer15--
Bailey, Mr. George W.46Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Baines, Mr. Richard24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Bannon, Mr. John32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Barlow, Mr. Charles30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Barnes, Mr. Charles29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Barnes, Mr. Frederick29Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Barrett, Mr. Frederick28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman13--
Barrett, Mr. Frederick William33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Beattie, Mr. Joseph34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastGreaser----
Beauchamp, Mr. George William24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker13--
Bell, Mr. Joseph50Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief Engineer----
Bendell, Mr. F.24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Bennett, Mr. George Alfred30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Benville, Mr. E.42Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Bessant, Mr. William Edward39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Bevis, Mr. Joseph Henry22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Biddlecombe, Mr. Charles33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--
Biggs, Mr. Edward Charles21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Billow, Mr. J.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Binstead, Mr. Walter19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer3--
Black, Mr. Alexander28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Black, Mr. D.41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Blackman, Mr. H.24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Blake, Mr. Percival Albert22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer15--
Blake, Mr. Seaton?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMess Steward----
Blake, Mr. Thomas36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Blaney, Mr. James29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Blann, Mr. Eustace Horatius21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Bott, Mr. W.44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Bradley, Mr. Patrick Joseph39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Brewer, Mr. Henry "Harry"30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Briant, Mr. Albert34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Brooks, Mr. J.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Brown, Mr. John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--267MB
Brown, Mr. Joseph James25Eastleigh, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Burroughs, Mr. Arthur35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Burton, Mr. Edward John32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Butt, Mr. William John30Freemantle, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--77MB
Calderwood, Mr. Hugh30Belfast, IrelandBelfastTrimmer----
Canner, Mr. J.40Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Carr, Mr. Richard Stephen37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Carter, Mr. James46Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Casey, Mr. T.28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Castleman, Mr. Edward37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Cavell, Mr. George Henry22Sholing, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer15--
Cherrett, Mr. William Victor24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Chisnall, Mr. George Alexander35Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBoilermaker--111MB
Chorley, Mr. John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Clark, Mr. William39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15--
Coe, Mr. Harry21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Coleman, Mr. John57Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastMess Steward----
Collins, Mr. Samuel35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker1--
Combes, Mr. George21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3--
Cooper, Mr. Harry26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Cooper, Mr. James25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Copperthwaite, Mr. B.22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Corcoran, Mr. Dennis33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Cotton, Mr. A.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Couch, Mr. Joseph Henry45Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Couper, Mr. Robert30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3--
Coy, Mr. Francis Ernest George26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonJunior Assistant 3rd Engineer----
Crabb, Mr. H.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Creese, Mr. Henry Philip44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastDeck Engineer----
Crimmins, Mr. James21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker13--
Cross, Mr. W.39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Cunningham, Mr. B.30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Curtis, Mr. Arthur25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Davies, Mr. Thomas33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman----
Dawson, Mr. Joseph[6]23Dublin, IrelandSouthamptonTrimmer--227MB
Diaper, Mr. J.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Dickson, Mr. W.36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Dilley, Mr. John30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Dillon, Mr. Thomas Patrick25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer4--
Dodd, Mr. Edward Charles38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastJunior 3rd Engineer----
Dodds, Mr. Henry Watson27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonJunior Assistant 4th Engineer----
Doel, Mr. Frederick22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerC--
Dore, Mr. A.22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Doyle, Mr. Laurence27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Duffy, Mr. William Luke28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastWriter/Engineer's Clerk----
Dyer, Mr. Henry Ryland24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSenior Assistant 4th Engineer----
Dymond, Mr. Frank25Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15--
Eagle, Mr. A.J.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Eastman, Mr. Charles?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Elliott, Mr. Everett E.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandLondonTrimmer----
Ervine, Mr. Albert G.18Belfast, IrelandBelfastAssistant Electrician----
Evans, Mr. Williams32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer--31MB
Farquharson, Mr. William E.39Belfast, Ireland, EnglandSouthamptonSenior 2nd Engineer----
Fay, Mr. Thomas30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Ferray, Mr. Anton?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer--308{?}[7]MB
Ferris, Mr. William38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman----
Fitzpatrick, Mr. Charles W.N.30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMess StewardB-
Flarty, Mr. Edward?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker?--
Ford. Mr. H.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Ford, Mr. Thomas30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman----
Foster, Mr. A.37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonEngineering Storekeeper----
Fraser, Mr. James29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfast, IrelandJunior Assistant Third Engineer----
Fraser, Mr. James?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Fredricks, W.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer15--
Fryer, Mr. Albert E.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer13--
Geer, Mr. Alfred E.24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Godley, Mr. George?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker?--
Godwin, Mr. Frederick W.34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Golder, Mr. Martin W.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Gordon, Mr. J.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Goree, Mr. Frank28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Gosling, Mr. Bertram J.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Gosling, S.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Graham, Mr. Thomas G.?Belfast, IrelandBelfastFireman/Stoker?--
Gregory, Mr. David?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Grodidge, Mr. Ernest E.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--276MB
Gumery, Mr. George24Birmingham, EnglandSouthamptonMess Steward----
Hagan, Mr. John30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastFireman/Stoker3--
Hall, Mr. Joseph32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--not found
Hallett, Mr. George?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Hands, Mr. B.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Hannam, Mr. George?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Harris, Mr. Edward?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Harris, Mr. Frederick34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker14--
Harrison, Mr. Norman39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Second Engineer----
Harvey, Mr. Herbert G.34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonJunior Assistant Second Engineer----
Haslin, Mr. James?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Head, Mr. Arthur?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Hebb, Mr. A.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerB--
Hendrickson, Mr. Charles G.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman1--
Hesketh, Mr. James (aka John) H.33Kirkdale, Lancashire , EnglandBelfastAssistant Second Engineer----
Hill, Mr. J.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Hinton, Mr. William S.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Hosking, Mr. George Fox36Southampton, EnglandSouthamptonSenior Third Engineer----
Hunt, Mr. Albert22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerC--
Hunt, Mr. T.28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Hurst, Mr. Charles?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Hurst, Walter27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerB--
Ingram, Mr. Charles?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Instance, T.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Jacobson, Mr. John?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Jago, Mr. J.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
James, Mr. Thomas?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Jarvis, Mr. William37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Joas, Mr. N.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Judd, Mr. Charles E.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerB--
Jukes, Mr. James35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Jupe, Mr. Herbert31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Electrician--73MB
Kaspar, Mr. Franz V.40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker9--
Kearle, Mr. Charles H.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Kearl, Mr. G.24Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Keegan, Mr. James38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman----
Kelly, Mr. James?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Kelly, Mr. William23Dublin, IrelandBelfastAssistant Electrician----
Kemish, Mr. George?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker9--
Kemp, Mr. Thomas H.43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Fourth Engineer----
Kenchenten, Mr. Frederick?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Kerr, Mr. Thomas?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Kinsella, Mr. Louis30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Kirkham, Mr. J.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Knowles, Mr. Thomas39Lymington, EnglandSouthamptonFiremen's MessmanC--
Lahy, Mr. Thomas E.?London, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Lee. Mr. H.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Light, Mr. Charles?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Light, Mr. W.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Lindsay, Mr. William C.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerB--
Loyd, Mr. W.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Long, Mr. Frank28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Long, Mr. W.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Mackie, Mr. William D.32London, EnglandBelfastJunior Fifth Engineer----
Major, Mr. William?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker13--
Marrett, Mr. G.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Marsh, Mr. Frederick C.28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--268MB
Maskell, Mr. L.A.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Mason, Mr. Frank A.R.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerB--
Mason, Mr. James39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman----
May Jr., Mr. Arthur23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
May Sr., Mr. Arthur W.60Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman's Messman----
Mayo, Mr. William P.27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman--117MB
Mayzes, Mr. Thomas25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3--
McAndrew, Mr. Thomas?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
McAndrews, Mr. William?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
McCastlen, Mr. William?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
McCubbin, Mr. Lee {?}?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----{Used alias Thomas Hart?[8]}
McGann, Mr. James?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerB--
McGarvey, Mr. Edward?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
McGaw, Mr. Errol?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
McGregor, Mr. J.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
McInerney, Mr. Thomas?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
McInytre, Mr. William22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerA--
McQuillan, Mr. William32Belfast, IrelandBelfastFireman/Stoker--183MB
McRae, Mr. William A.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
McReynolds, Mr. William22Belfast, IrelandBelfastJunior Sixth Engineer----
Middleton, Mr. Alfred P.17Belfast, IrelandBelfastAssistant Electrician----
Milford, Mr. George?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Millar, Mr. Robert27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonExtra Fifth Engineer----
Millar, Mr. Thomas33Belfast, IrelandBelfastAssistant Deck Engineer----
Mintram, Mr. William46Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Mitchell, Mr. Lawrence?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Moore, Mr. John J.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3--
Moore, Mr. R.?London, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Moores, Mr. Robert H.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Morgan, Mr. Arthur H.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Morgan, Mr. Thomas A.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--302MB
Morrell, Mr. R.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Morris, Mr. A.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Morris, Mr. W.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Moyes, Mr. William Y.23Stirling, ScotlandBelfastSenior Sixth Engineer----
Murdock, Mr. William34Belfast, IrelandBelfastFireman/StokerB--
Nettleton, Mr. George?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Newman, Mr. Charles T.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonEngineering Storekeeper----
Noon, Mr. John?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Norris, Mr. James?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Noss, Mr. Bertram A.21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Noss, Mr. Henry31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15--
Nutbean, Mr. William31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3--
O'Connor, Mr. John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerB--
Olive, Mr. Charles?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Oliver, Mr. H.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3--
Othen, Mr. Charles?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker11--
Paice, Mr. Richard C.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Painter, Mr. Charles31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Painter, Mr. Frank29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Pallas, Mr. T.?Liverpool, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Parsons, Mr. Frank A.27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSenior Fifth Engineer----
Pearce, Mr. John?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15--
Pelham, Mr. George39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer16--
Perry, Mr. Edgar L.19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer?--
Perry, Mr. Henry?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Phillips, Mr. G.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Pitfield, Mr. William J.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Podesta, Mr. John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3--
Pond, Mr. George32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Prangnell, Mr. George31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaserB--
Preston, Mr. Thomas C.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Priest, Mr. Arthur J.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15--
Proudfoot, Mr. R.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Pugh, Mr. Percy31Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman----
Pusey, Mr. Robert W.24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker1--
Ranger, Mr. Thomas G.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser4--
Reed, Mr. Robert?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Reeves, Mr. Robert30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--280MB
Rice, Mr. Charles32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker10--
Richards, Mr. Joseph J.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Rickman, Mr. G.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Roberts, Mr. George?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Rous, Mr. Arthur J.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlumber----
Rudd, Mr. Henry23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonEngineering Storkeeper--86MB
Rutter, Mr. Sidney?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Sangster, Mr. Charles?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Saunders, Mr. Thomas?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Saunders, Mr. W.30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--184MB
Saunders, Mr. W.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Scott, Mr. Archibald40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Scott, Mr. Frederick?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser4--
Self, Mr. Alfred H.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Self, Mr. Edward25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker?--
Senior, Mr. Henry31London, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerB--
Shea, Mr. Thomas29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Sheath, Mr. Frederick20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer1--
Shepherd, Mr. Johnathan32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonJunior Assistant Second Engineer----
Shiers, Mr. Alfred24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker5--
Shillaber, Mr. Charles20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer--195MB
Skeats, Mr. W.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Sloan, Mr. Peter31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief Electrician----
Small, Mr. William40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman----
Smith, Mr. Ernest G.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Smith, Mr. James M.35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonJunior Fourth Engineer----
Smither, Mr. Harry J.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Snellgrove, Mr. G?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Snooks, Mr. W?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Snowberger, Mr. Eustace P.21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerB--
Sparkman, Mr. Henry?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker?--
Stafford, Mr. M.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Stanbrook, Mr. Augustus30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--316MB
Steel, Mr. Robert E.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Stocker, Mr. Henry?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Street, Mr. Henry A.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker9--
Stubbs, Mr. James H.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Sullivan Mr. S.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Taylor, Mr. James25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker1--
Taylor, Mr. John?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Taylor, Mr. T.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Taylor, Mr. William H.28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15--
Thomas, Mr. James?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Thompson, Mr. John W.42Liverpool, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerA/14--
Threlfall, Mr. Thomas38Liverpool, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman14--
Thresher, Mr. George25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker?--
Tizard, Mr. Arthur?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Tozer, Mr. James?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Triggs, Mr. Robert?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3--
Turley, Mr. Richard?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
van der brugge, Mr. Wessel A.42Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Veal, Mr. Arthur?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Vear, Mr. Henry32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Vear, Mr. W.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--59MB
Ward, Mr. Arthur24Romsey, EnglandBelfastJunior Assistant Fourth Engineer----
Ward, Mr. Joseph31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman----
Wardner, Mr. Frederick Albert39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Wateridge, Mr. Edward L.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Watson, Mr. W.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker--158MB
Webb, Mr. S?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Webber, Mr. Francis A.31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman----
White, Mr. Alfred?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser4--
White, Mr. Frank L.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
White, Mr. William G.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer15--
Williams, Mr. Samuel S.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Wilson, Mr. Bertie28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSenior Assistant Second Engineer----
Wilton, Mr. William45Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Witcher, Mr. Alfred40Lymington, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Witt, Mr. F.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Witt, Mr. Henry D.40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Woodford, Mr. Frederick41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser----
Woods, Mr. H.?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer----
Wyeth, Mr. James?Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----
Young, Mr. Francis J.30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker----

Victualling crewEdit

There were 421 men and women assigned to the Victualling Department on the Titanic. Of those, 322 were stewards who performed over 57 different functions in each class's dining saloon, public rooms, cabins and recreational facilities. Around 60 of them survived. Stewards were what are today referred to as waiters, waitresses, maids, attendants, etc.

Bath Stewards were responsible for maintaining supplies in the communal bathrooms utilised by everyone except for a few First Class Passengers.

Bedroom Stewards were assigned to each class, the First Class Bedroom stewards not only cleaned the rooms and made beds, but were also available to serve food in the rooms or help the passengers in getting dressed. Most stewards were poorly paid and relied on tips for their income. Each First Class Bedroom Steward was responsible for three to five rooms, Second Class Stewards for up to 10 rooms, and Third Class Stewards for as many as 25.

The Glory-Hole Stewards' function was to clean and maintain the common toilets in First, Second, and Third Class, and crew areas.

Linen Stewards were responsible for washing and maintaining all the linen on board (bed sheets, bathroom towels, table linen, etc.).

There were 23 female crew on board: 20 stewardesses, 2 cashiers, and one "matron" (all but three of them survived). The stewardesses' duties were similar to the male stewards, and usually served women passengers.

Of the Victualling crew, 62 were employed as Galley and Kitchen staff (around 13 survived). They were chefs, cooks, bakers, butchers, and scullions who worked in the kitchens of each class to cook the various meals for the passengers. Scullions, called dishwashers today, were responsible for washing and drying the dishes.

Additionally there were four Clerks employed in the Purser's Office to deal with passenger's enquiries and requests (including depositing valuables for safekeeping).

The two radio operators, who were actually employed by the Marconi Company and not directly by the White Star Line, were also assigned to the Victualling Department, possibly because at the time radio communication was seen principally as a service rather than as an essential part of the ship's operation.

The Purser supervised all of the Victualling Department, and was the direct link between passengers and the ship's officers.

Abbott, Mr. Ernest Owen21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Lounge Pantry Steward----
Ahier, Mr. Percy Snowden20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward----
Akerman, Mr. Albert28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonThird Class Steward----
Akerman, Mr. Joseph Francis35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Pantry Steward--205MB
Allan, Mr. Robert Spencer36Shirley, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Bedroom Steward----
Allen, Mr. George26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion----
Allen, Mr. Frederick17Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLift Steward----
Allsop, Mr. Frank Richard41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward----
Anderson, Mr. Walter J.48Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion----
Andrews, Mr. Charles Edward19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Second Class Saloon Steward16--
Ashcroft, Mr. Austin Aloysius26Seacombe, Cheshire, EnglandSouthamptonClerk----
Ashe, Mr. Henry Wellesley32Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonGlory Hole Steward--34MB
Ayling, Mr. George Edwin22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Vegetable Cook----
Back, Mr. Charles Frederick32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Lounge Steward----
Baggott, Mr. Allen Marden28Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward9--
Bagley, Mr. Edward Ernest31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward----
Bailey, Mr. George Francis36Shepperton, London, EnglandBelfastSecond Class Saloon Steward--161MB
Ball, Mr. Percy19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Plate Steward13--
Barker, Mr. Albert Vale19Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Baker----
Barker, Mr. Ernest T.37London, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward--159MB
Barker, Mr. Reginald Lomond40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Purser----
Barlow, Mr. George36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Bedroom Steward----
Barnes, Mr. Frederick37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaker--26{?}MBSee[9]
Barratt, Mr. Arthur15Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBell Boy----
Barringer, Mr. Arthur William33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Barrow, Mr. Harry35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonButcher----
Barrows, Mr. William32London, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward----
Barton, Mr. Sidney John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonThird Class Steward----
Baxter, Mr. Harry Ross51Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonThird Class Steward----
Baxter, Mr. Thomas Ferguson48Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLinen Steward--235MB
Bedford, Mr. William Barnet31Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Roast Cook----
Beedem, Mr. George Arthur34London, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Bedroom Steward----
Beere, Mr. William19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonKitchen Porter----
Benham, Mr. Frederick29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Saloon Steward----
Bennett, Mrs. Mabel30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Stewardess5--
Bessant, Mr. Edward William31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaggage Steward----
Best, Mr. Alfred38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastFirst Class Saloon Steward----
Blake, Mr. Seaton26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastMess Steward----
Bishop, Mr. Walter Alexander34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastFirst Class Bedroom Steward----
Bliss, Mrs. Emma (née Junod)45London, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Stewardess15--
Bochatay, Mr. Alexis Joseph30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonChef----
Bogie, Mr. Norman Leslie29Eastleigh, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Bedroom Steward--274MB
Bond, Mr. William John40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastFirst Class Bedroom Steward----
Boothby, Mr. W.36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Bedroom Steward--107MB
Boston, Mr. William John30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastDeck Steward----
Boughton, Mr. B.24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Boyd, Mr. John35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Boyes, Mr. John Henry36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Bradshaw, Mr. J.A.43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward----
Brewster, Mr. George H.48Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward----
Bride, Mr. Harold Sydney22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant TelegraphistB--
Bristow, Mr. Robert Charles31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward--290MB
Bristow, Mr. Harry33Looe, CornwallSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Brookman, Mr, John27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Broom, Mr. H.33Cowes, Isle of Wight, EnglandBelfastBath Steward----
Broome, Mr. Athol Frederick30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonVerandah Steward----
Brown, Mr. Edward34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon StewardA--
Brown, Mr. Walter James28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Buckley, Mr. H.E.34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Vegetable Cook----
Bull, Mr. W.30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion----
Bulley, Mr. Henry Ashburnham21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBoots----
Bunnell, Mr. Wilfred20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastPlate Steward----
Burgess, Mr. Charles Reginald18Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonExtra Third Baker15--
Burke, Mr. Richard Edward30Chandler's Ford, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastLounge Steward----
Burke, Mr. William31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward10--
Burr, Mr. Ewart29Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Burrage, Mr. Alfred20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward13--
Butt, Mr. Robert Henry22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward--10MB
Butterworth, Mr. John23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward--116MB
Byrne, Mr. J.E.31Ilford, London, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward----
Campbell, Mr. Donald S.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonThird Class Clerk----
Carney, Mr. William31Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonLift Steward--251MB
Cartwright, Mr. James Edward32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward--320M
Casswill, Mr. Charles32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Caton, Miss Annie50London, EnglandSouthamptonTurkish Bath Stewardess11--
Caunt, Mr. William Ewart27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGrill Cook----
Cave, Mr. Herbert34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward--218MB
Cecil, Mr. C.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Chapman, Mr. Joseph Charles32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBoots9--
Charman, Mr. John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward--185{?}MBSee[10]
Cheverton, Mr. William Edward27Newport, Pembrokeshire, WalesBelfastSaloon Steward--334I
Chitty, Mr. Archibald George28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Chitty, Mr. George Henry52Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaker----
Christmas, Mr. H.33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward----
Coleman, Mr. Albert Edward28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Coleman, Mr. John57Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMess Steward--112{?}MBSee[10]
Colgan, Mr. E. Joseph33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion13--
Collins, Mr. John17Belfast, IrelandSouthamptonScullionB--
Conway, Mr. P.W.25London, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Cook, Mr. George42Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Coombs, Mr. Augustus Charles38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonCook----
Corben, Mr. Ernest Theodore27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Printer Steward----
Coutin, Mr. Auguste Louis28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonEntree Cook----
Cox, Mr. William Denton29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward--300MB
Crafter, Mr. Frederick27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward15--
Crawford, Mr. Alfred36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward8--
Crisp, Mr. Albert Hector35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Crispin, Mr. William32Eastleigh, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGlory Hole Steward----
Crosby, Mr. J. Bertram42London, EnglandSouthamptonTurkish Bath Attendant----
Crowe, Mr. George Frederick30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward14--
Crumplin, Mr. Charles35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward----
Cullen, Mr. Charles45Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward11--
Cunningham, Mr. Andrew35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward4--
Daniels, Mr. Sidney Edward18Southsea, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardB--
Dashwood, Mr. William George19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward--83MB
Davies, Mr. Gordon Raleigh33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward----
Davies, Mr. John James27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastExtra 2nd Baker--200MB
Davies, Mr. Robert J.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward--191MB
Dean, Mr. George H.19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward--252MB
Deeble, Mr. Alfred Arnold29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward--270MB
Derrett, Mr. Albert26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Deslands, Mr. Percival Stainer36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward--212MB
Desvernine, Mr. Louis Gabriel20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pastry Cook----
Dinenage, Mr. James Richard47Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Dodd, Mr. George Charles44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSteward----
Dolby, Mr. Joseph36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastReception Room Steward----
Donoghue, Mr. Frank35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward----
Doughty, Mr. W.22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Dunford, Mr. William41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonHospital Steward--71MB
Dyer, Mr. William31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Edbrooke, Mr. F.24Portsmouth, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Ede, Mr. George B.22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Edge, Mr. Frederick William37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonDeck Steward----
Edwards, Mr. Clement38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantryman Steward----
Egg, Mr. W.H.34London, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Ellis, Mr. John Bertram30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Vegetable Cook2--
Ennis, Mr. Walter35Southport, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonTurkish Bath Attendant----
Etches, Mr. Henry Samuel41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward5--
Evans, Mr. George Richard32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Fairall, Mr. Henry38Ryde, Isle of Wight, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Farrenden, Mr. Ernest John32Emsworth, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastConfectioner--26{?}MB
Faulkner, Mr. William Stephen37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward11--
Fellowes, Mr. Alfred J.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBoots--138MB
Feltham, Mr. G.36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonVienna Baker----
Finch, Mr. Harry18Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Fletcher, Mr. Peter W.26Sholing, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBugler Steward----
Foley, Mr. William C.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward13--
Ford, Mr. Ernest32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Ford, Mr. F.37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward----
Fox, Mr. William Thomas27Ealing, London, EnglandSouthamptonSteward--214{?}MBSee[10]
Franklin, Mr. Alan Vincent29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward--262MB
Freeman, Mr. Ernest Edward Samuel43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastDeck Steward--239MB
Geddes, Mr. Richard Charles31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward----
Gibbons, Mr. Jacob William36Studland, Dorset, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward11--
Giles, Mr. John Robert30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaker----
Gill, Mr. Joseph Stanley34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward--49MB
Gill, Mr. Patrick38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonShip's Cook----
Gold, Mrs. Katherine (née Cook)42Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess11--
Gollop, Mr. F.28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Passage Cook----
Goshawk, Mr. Arthur James31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfast3rd Saloon Steward----
Gregson, Miss Mary44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess16--
Gunn, Mr. Joseph Alfred28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward--125{?}MBSee[10]
Guy, Mr. Edward John28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBoots5--
Halford, Mr. Richard22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward15--
Hall, Mr. F.A.J.38London, EnglandSouthamptonScullion----
Hamblyn, Mr. Ernest William41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward----
Hamilton, Mr. Ernest25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Smoke Room Steward----
Harding, Mr. A.20Swaythling, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantry Steward----
Hardwick, Mr. Reginald21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonKitchen Porter11--
Hardy, Mr. John T.37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief 2nd Class StewardD--
Harris, Mr. Charles William19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Harris, Mr. Clifford Henry16Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBell Boy----
Harris, Mr. Edward18Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantryman Steward----
Harrison, Mr. Aragon D.40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward9--
Hart, Mr. John Edward31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton3rd Class Steward15--
Hartnell, Mr. Frederick21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward11--
Hatch, Mr. Hugh22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion----
Hawkesworth, Mr. James38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Hawkesworth, Mr. William Walter38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonDeck Steward----
Hayter, Mr. Arthur44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward--25MB
Heinen, Mr. Joseph30Lewisham, London, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Hendy, Mr. Edward Martin38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Hensford, Mr. Herbert George29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonButcher----
Hewett, Mr. Thomas37Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward--168MB
Hill, Mr. H.P.36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Hill, Mr. James Colston38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward--152MB
Hinckley, Mr. George35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBath Steward--66MB
Hine, Mr. William Edward36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaker----
Hiscock, Mr. S.22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward----
Hoare, Mr. Leonard James21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Hogg, Mr. Charles William37Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward----
Hogue, Mr. E.22London, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward----
Holland, Mr. Thomas28Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBelfastReception Steward----
Holloway, Mr. Sidney20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonClothes Presser--273MB
Hopkins, Mr. F.16Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward----
House, Mr. William38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Howell, Mr. Arthur Albert31Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward--319M
Hughes, Mr. William Thomas33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Humby, Mr. Frederick16Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward----
Humphreys, Mr. Thomas Humphrey31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward----
Hutchinson, Mr. James29Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonVegetable Cook--250MB
Hyland, Mr. Leo James19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward11--
Ide, Mr. Harry John32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward----
Ingrouille, Mr. Henry21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Ings, Mr. William Ernest20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion----
Jackson, Mr. Cecil29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBoots----
Janaway, Mr. William Frank35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward----
Jenner, Mr. Harry41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Jensen, Mr. Charles Valdemar25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Jessop, Miss Violet Constance24London, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess16--
Johnson Thorne, Mr. Harry25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Ship's Cook----
Johnston, Mr. James41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward2--
Jones, Mr. Albert17Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Jones, Mr. Arthur Ernest38Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward----
Jones, Mr. H.29Alresford, Essex, EnglandSouthamptonRoast Cook----
Jones, Mr. Reginald V.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Joughin, Mr. Charles John32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief BakerB--
Keen, Mr. Percy Edward28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward15--
Kelland, Mr. Thomas21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLibrary Steward----
Kennell, Mr. Charles30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonHebrew Cook----
Kerley, Mr. William Thomas28Salisbury, Wiltshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon StewardA333O
Ketchley, Mr. Henry30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Kieran, Mr. James W.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonChief 3rd Class Steward----
Kieran, Mr. Michael31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStorekeeper----
King, Mr. Alfred18Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLift Steward--238MB
King, Mr. Ernest Waldron28Clones, Monaghan, IrelandSouthamptonClerk--321M
King, Mr. G.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion----
Kingscote, Mr. William Ford43Freemantle, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Kirkaldy, Mr. Thomas37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward----
Kitching, Mr. Arthur Alfred30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Klein, Mr. Herbert33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBarber----
Knight, Mr. George44Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward13--
Knight, Mr. Leonard George21Bishopstoke, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Lacey, Mr. Bert W.21Salisbury, Wiltshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward--44{?}MBSee[11]
Lake, Mr. William35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Lane, Mr. Albert Edward34Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Latimer, Mr. Andrew L.55Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBelfastChief First Class Steward----
Lavington, Miss Bessie39Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess11--
Lawrence, Mr. Arthur25Rochford, Essex, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward--90MB
Leader, Mr. Archie22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonConfectioner----
Leather, Mrs Elizabeth May41Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess16--
Lefebvre, Mr. Paul Georges35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward--211MB
Leonard, Mr. Matthew26Belfast, IrelandBelfastSteward----
Levett, Mr. George Alfred21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Pantryman----
Lewis, Mr. Arthur Ernest27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward15--
Light, Mr. C.23Christchurch, Dorset, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward----
Littlejohn, Mr. Alexander James40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward13--
Lloyd, Mr. Humphrey32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward--57MB
Locke, Mr. A.33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion----
Longmuir, Mr. John Dickson19Eastleigh, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantry Steward----
Lovell, Mr. John38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGrill Cook----
Lucas, Mr. William34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon StewardA--
Lydiatt, Mr. Charles38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Mabey, Mr. J.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Mackay, Mr. Charles Donald34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward11--
Mackie, Mr. George William34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward----
Major, Mr. Thomas Edgar35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBath Steward----
Mantle, Mr. Roland Frederick36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Marks, Mr. J.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantryman Steward----
Marriott, Mr. J.W.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantryman Steward--2MB
Marsden, Miss Evelyn28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess16--
Martin, Mrs. Annie33Portsmouth, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess11--
Martin, Mr. F.29Fareham, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion13--
Maynard, Mr. Isaac Hiram31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastEntre CookB--
Maytum, Mr. Alfred52Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief Butcher--141MB
McCarthy, Mr. Frederick36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward----
McCawley, Mr. Thomas W.36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastGymnasium Steward----
McElroy, Mr. Hugh Walter37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPurser--157MB
McGrady, Mr. James27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward--330A
McLaren, Mrs.40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess5--
McMicken, Mr. Arthur23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward11--
McMicken, Mr. Benjamin Tucker21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSecond Pantry Steward----
McMullin, Mr. James31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
McMurray, Mr. William Ernest43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward----
Mellor, Mr. Arthur34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Middleton, Mr. M.V.24London, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Mills, Mr. Christopher51Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonButcherC--
Mishellamy, Mr. Abraham52Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastPrinter Steward----
Moore, Mr. Alfred Ernest39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Morgan (Bird), Mr. Charles Frederick42Birkenhead, Cheshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Storekeeper----
Morris, Mr. Frank Herbert28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBathroom Steward14--
Moss, Mr. William34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfast1st Saloon Steward----
Mullen, Mr. Thomas A.20Maxwelltown, Dumfries, ScotlandSouthamptonSteward--323M
Neal, Mr. Henry25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaker13--
Nicholls, Mr. Sidney39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Nichols, Mr. A. D.34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Nichols, Mr. Walter Henry35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward15--
O'Connor, Mr. Thomas Peter39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward----
Olive, Mr. Ernest Roskelly28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonClothes Presser Steward----
Orpet, Mr. Walter Hayward31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Orr, Mr. J.40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Vegetable Cook----
Osbourne, Mr. William Edward32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Owen, Mr. Lewis49Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward----
Pacey, Mr. Reginald Ivan17Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLift Steward----
Paintin, Mr. James Arthur29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonCaptain's Steward----
Parsons, Mr. Edward35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonChief Storekeeper----
Parsons, Mr. Richard18Ashbrittle, Somerset, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Pearce, Mr. Alfred Ernest24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Pearcey, Mr. Albert Victor32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardC--
Pennal, Mr. Thomas Francis33Shirley, Hampshire, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBath Steward----
Penny, Mr. William Far30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward----
Penrose, Mr. John Poole49Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward----
Perkins, Mr. Laurence Alexander22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTelephone Steward----
Perrin, Mr. William Charles39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBoots Steward----
Perriton, Mr. Hubert Prouse31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Petty, Mr. Edwin Henry25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward--82MB
Pfropper, Mr. Richard30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward9--
Phillimore, Mr. Harold Charles William23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward14--
Phillips, Mr. John George "Jack"25Godalming, Surrey, EnglandBelfastTelegraphistB--
Platt, Mr. W.18Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastScullion----
Pook, Mr. P.34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Pantry----
Port, Mr. Frank32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSteward13--
Porteus, Mr. Thomas32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastButcher----
Prentice, Mr. Frank Winnold22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastStorekeeper4--
Prichard, Mrs. Alice33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastStewardess11--
Prideaux, Mr. John Arthur "Jack"23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSteward----
Prior, Mr. Harold John21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSteward11--
Proctor, Mr. Charles40Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBelfastChef----
Pryce, Mr. Charles William22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Pugh, Mr. Alfred20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward14--
Pusey, Mr. John E.35Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Randall, Mr. Frank Henry27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Ransom, Mr. James33Bristol, Avon, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Rattonbury, Mr. William Henry36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Boots Steward----
Ray, Mr. Frederick Dent32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward13--
Reed, Mr. Charles S.43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward----
Revell, Mr. William31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward----
Rice, Mr. John Reginald25Crosby, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonClerk--64MB
Rice, Mr. John Reginald25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward----
Ricks, Mr. Cyril G.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStorekeeper--100MB
Ridout, Mr. W.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Rimmer, Mr. Gilbert27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Roberton, Mr. George Edward19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward--127MB
Roberts, Mr. Frank John36Farnborough, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastThird Butcher--231MB
Roberts, Mr. Hugh H.40Bootle, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward--93MB
Roberts, Mrs. Mary Kezziah (née Humphrys)41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward16--
Robinson, Mrs. Annie 40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess11--
Robinson, Mr. James William30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward--151MB
Rogers, Mr. Edward James William32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Storekeeper--282MB
Rogers, Mr. Michael27Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Ross, Mr. Horace Leopold36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion13--
Rowe, Mr. Edward M.31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon 1st Class Steward----
Rule, Mr. Samuel James58Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBathroom Steward15--
Russell, Mr. Boysie Richard17Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Ryan, Mr. Tom27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton3rd Class Steward--264{?}MBSee[12]
Ryerson, Mr. William Edwy32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward9--
Samuel, Mr. Owen Wilmore41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward--217MB
Saunders, Mr. D. E.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Savage, Mr. Charles J.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward11--
Scott, Mr. John21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBoots Steward----
Scovell, Mr. Robert42Freemantle, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward----
Sedunary, Mr. Sidney Francis25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton2nd Third Class Steward--178MB
Shea, Mr. John39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward--11MB
Slight, Mr. Harry John35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward--21{?}MBSee[10]
Sloan, Miss Mary28 Belfast, Northern Ireland SouthamptonStewardess----
Slocombe, Mrs Maud (née Waldon)30London, EnglandSouthamptonTurkish Bath Stewardess----
Smillie, Mr. John38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward--91MB
Smith, Mr. Charles Edward38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBed Room Steward--329MM
Smith, Miss Katherine E.42Southampton, Hampshire, England Southampton Stewardess----
Snape, Mrs Lucy Violet22Witley, Surrey, England Southampton Stewardess----
Stap, Miss Sarah Agnes47Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, England Southampton Stewardess----
Stone, Mr. Edmond J.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton1st class Bedroom Steward--41MBsee[13]
Stone, Mr. Edward Thomas30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton1st class Bedroom Steward--243MBsee[13]
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Turner, Mr. L[eopold].[14]28Southampton, Hampshire, England [also Church Stretton, Shropshire, England[14]BelfastFirst Class Saloon Steward--23MB
Veal, Mr. Thomas H.E.38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward----
Wake, Mr. T.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Baker----
Wallis, Mrs Catherine Jane35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Matron----
Walpole, Mr. James48Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief Pantryman----
Walsh, Miss Catherine32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton Stewardess----
Ward, Mr. Edward34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Bedroom Steward----
Ward, Mr. Percy T.38Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Bedroom Steward----
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Wareham, Mr. Robert Arthur36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Bedroom Steward--246MB
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Weatherston, Mr. Thomas24Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBelfastFirst Class Saloon Steward----
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Whiteley, Mr. Thomas18London, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon StewardB--
Whitford, Mr. A.H.37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Slaoon Steward----
Whittman, Mr. Henry34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Bedroom Steward--315MB
Widgery, Mr. James G.37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Bath Steward9--
Wildebank, Mr. Alfred E.39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Cook13--
Williams, Mr. Walter J.28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Saloon Steward13--
Willis, Mr. William66Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonThird Class Steward----
Wiltshire, Mr. W.33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Butcher----
Witter, Mr. James W.C.31Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Smoking Room Steward11--
Wood, Mr. J.T.40London, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Saloon Steward----
Wormald, Mr. Frederick William36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward--144MB
Wrapson, Mr. Frederick B.19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Pantryman----
Wright, Mr. Frederick24London, EnglandSouthamptonSquash Court Steward----
Wright, Mr. William40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGlory Hole Steward13--
Yearsley, Mr. Harry38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward9--
Yoshack, Mr. James A.31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward----

Restaurant staffEdit

The à la Carte Restaurant was located on B Deck just below the fourth funnel. It was a private concession managed by A.P. Luigi Gatti, an Italian businessman who owned two other restaurants in London, as well as the à la Carte Restaurant on the Olympic. The restaurant was open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm and was open only to First Class passengers. The staff were not paid by the White Star Line, but by Mr. Gatti himself, who was on the Titanic for its maiden voyage. The restaurant was self-sufficient with its own cooks, waiters, clean up crew and other staff. Most of the employees were Italian or French nationals. Of the entire staff of 66 people, only one male clerk and two female cashiers survived. Several Titanic survivors indicated that the restaurant employees were locked up in their quarters by the stewards to prevent them from rushing the lifeboats. It has never been confirmed whether this was true or not.[4]

Allaria, Signore Battista Antonio30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter--221MB
Aspeslagh, Mr. Georges26London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Plateman----
Banfi, Signore Ugo24Finsbury, London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Basilico, Signore Giovanni27London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Bazzi, Signore Narciso33London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Bernardi, Signore Battista22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter--215MB
Beux, Mr. David26London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter----
Bietrix, Mr. George Baptiste28Lambeth, London, EnglandSouthamptonCook----
Blument, Mr. Jean Baptiste26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPantryman----
Bochet, Mr. Pierre Giuseppe43London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Bolhuis, Mr. Hendrik "Hennie"21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLarder Cook----
Bowker, Miss Ruth27London, EnglandSouthamptonCashier6--
Casali, Signore Giulio27Soho, London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Chaboisson, Mr. Adrien Finnin25London, EnglandSouthamptonRoast Cook----
Cornaire, Mr. Marcel Raymond André19London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Roast Cook----
Coutin, Mr. Auguste Louis28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonEntrée Cook----
Crovella, Signore Luigi17Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter----
De Marsico, Signore Giovanni20Soho, London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter----
Debreucq, Mr. Maurice Emile Victor22London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter--244MB
Desvernine, Mr. Louis Gabriel20London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Pastry Cook----
Donati, Signore Italo Francesco17London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter--311M
Dornier, Mr. Louis Auguste20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Fish Cook----
Fey, Signore Carlo30London, EnglandSouthamptonScullion----
Fioravante, Signore Giuseppe Bertoldo23London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Scullion----
Gatti, Signore Gaspare Antonio Pietro "Luigi"37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonRestaurant Manager--313M
Gilardino, Signore Vincenzo Pio31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Grosclaude, Mr. Gérald24London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Jaillet, Mr. Henri Marie28London, EnglandSouthamptonPastry Cook--277MB
Janin, Mr. Claude Marie29London, EnglandSouthamptonSoup Cook----
Jeffery, Mr. William Alfred28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonController----
Jouannault, Mr. Georges Jules24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Sauce Cook----
Martin, Miss Margaret Edwina "Mabel"20London, EnglandSouthamptonCashier6--
Mattmann, Mr. Adolf20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonIce Man----
Maugé, Mr. Paul Achille Maurice Germain25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonKitchen Clerk13--
Monteverdi, Signore Giovanni23London, EnglandSouthamptonCook----
Mourous, Mr. Jean Javier20London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter--27MB
Nannini, Signore Francesco Luigi42London, EnglandSouthamptonHead Waiter----
Pachera, Signore Jean Baptiste Stanislas19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Larder Cook----
Pedrini, Signore Alessandro21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter--104MB
Peracchio, Signore Alberto20Soho, London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter----
Peracchio, Signore Sebastiano17Soho, London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter----
Perotti, Signore Alfonso20London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter----
Phillips, Mr. Walter John35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStorekeeper----
Piatti, Signore Luigi17London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter----
Piazza, Signore Pompeo30London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter--266MB
Poggi, Signore Emilio28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter--301MB
Price, Mr. Ernest17London, EnglandSouthamptonBarman--186MB
Ratti, Signore Enrico21London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Ricaldone, Signore Rinaldo Renato22London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter----
Rigozzi, Signore Abele22London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter--115MB
Rotta, Signore Angelo Mario23London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Rousseau, Mr. Pierre49London, EnglandSouthamptonChef----
Saccaggi, Signore Giovanni Giuseppe Emilio24London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter----
Salussolia, Signore Giovanni25London, EnglandSouthamptonGlass Man----
Sartori, Signore Lazar24London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Glass Man----
Scavino, Signore Candido42London, EnglandSouthamptonCarver----
Sesia, Signore Giacomo24London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Testoni, Signore Ercole23London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Glass Man----
Tietz, Mr. Karl27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonKitchen Porter----
Turvey, Mr. Charles16London, EnglandSouthamptonPage Boy----
Urbini, Signore Roberto22London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Valvassori, Signore Ettore Luigi35London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Vicat, Mr. Alphonse Jean Eugene21London, EnglandSouthamptonCook----
Villvarlange, Mr. Pierre Léon Gabriel19Paris, FranceSouthamptonAsst. Soup Cook----
Vine, Mr. H.18London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Controller----
Vioni, Signore Roberto31London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter----
Voegelin-Dubach, Mr. Johannes35London, EnglandSouthamptonCoffee Maker----
Zanetti, Signore Minio20London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter----
Zarracchi, Signore L.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonWine Butler----

Postal clerksEdit

The Titanic's five postal clerks—two British, three American—were charged with the supervision and processing of all incoming and outgoing mail on board the ship. On the night of the disaster, the five postal clerks were celebrating Oscar Woody’s forty-fourth birthday. After the ship hit the iceberg, Jago Smith was sent to report to Captain Smith on the mailroom's conditions, confirming the knowledge that the ship was sinking.[15] The five clerks set themselves to the task of attempting to save the 200 registered mail sacks by hauling them to the upper decks, with little thought of their own safety.[16]

Gwinn, Mr. William Logan37New York City, USASouthamptonPostal Clerk----
March, Mr. John Starr50Newark, New Jersey, USASouthamptonPostal Clerk--225MB
Smith, Mr. John Richard "Jago"35Truro, EnglandSouthamptonPostal Clerk----
Williamson, Mr. James Bertram35Dublin, IrelandSouthamptonPostal Clerk----
Woody, Mr. Oscar Scott44Clifton, Virginia, USASouthamptonPostal Clerk--167MB

Guarantee groupEdit

Though the nine-member guarantee group were given passenger accommodation, they were also regarded as members of the crew. Headed by the ship's designer, Thomas Andrews, the group's responsibility was to accompany the ship on her maiden voyage to oversee any unfinished work or find and fix any problems that might arise during the voyage.[17]

Andrews, Mr. Thomas39FirstBelfast, IrelandBelfastShipbuilder----
Campbell, Mr. William Henry21SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastJoiner----
Chisholm, Mr. Roderick Robert Crispin40FirstBelfast, IrelandBelfastDraughtsman----
Cunningham, Mr. Alfred Fleming21SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastFitter----
Frost, Mr. Anthony Wood "Artie"37SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastFitter----
Knight, Mr. Robert J.39SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastFitter----
Parkes, Mr. Francis "Frank"21SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastPlumber----
Parr, Mr. William Henry Marsh29FirstBelfast, IrelandBelfastElectrician----
Watson, Mr. Ennis Hastings15SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastElectrician's Apprentice----

Ship's orchestraEdit

Main article: Musicians of the RMS Titanic

First survivors to dieEdit

Last survivors to dieEdit

  • Frank Prentice – crew (storekeeper), 30 May 1982(1982-05-30)[20]
  • Sidney Daniels – crew (steward), 25 May 1983(1983-05-25) (aged 89)[21]

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